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How to Extend the Life of Your Air Conditioner

November 23, 2023

During the scorching summer days, your air conditioning system becomes an essential companion in keeping your home cool and comfortable. However, like any other mechanical system, your AC unit needs proper care and attention to ensure it operates efficiently and lasts for years to come. By following some simple tips and investing in routine AC maintenance, you can extend the life of your air conditioner and enjoy reliable cooling throughout the hottest months. We’ll explore valuable strategies on how to extend the life of your air conditioner and keep it running at its best.

1. Schedule Routine AC Maintenance

Regular AC maintenance is one of the most effective ways to extend the life of your air conditioner. By having a professional HVAC technician inspect and service your unit annually, you can catch potential issues early, prevent major breakdowns, and optimize your system’s performance. Routine AC maintenance includes cleaning and replacing air filters, lubricating moving parts, checking refrigerant levels, and ensuring all components are in proper working order. 365 Heating, Cooling & Plumbing provides AC maintenance in Kitchener, ON , and the surrounding areas. Our AC maintenance services are designed to help you maintain a healthy and efficient cooling system.

2. Keep Your Outdoor Unit Clean

The outdoor unit of your air conditioner, also known as the condenser, plays a crucial role in dissipating heat from your home. Over time, dirt, debris, and foliage can accumulate around the unit, impeding airflow and reducing its efficiency. The area around the condenser should be cleaned regularly, and debris or vegetation should be removed to ensure proper airflow and prevent strain on the system.

3. Check and Seal Ductwork

Leaky ductwork can lead to significant energy wastage and reduce the efficiency of your air conditioning system. Inspect your ductwork for any leaks or gaps and seal them properly to help your AC deliver cooled air more efficiently and reduce strain on the system.

4. Optimize Thermostat Settings

Using your thermostat wisely can significantly impact the longevity of your air conditioner. During the summer, set your thermostat to a comfortable temperature, but avoid extreme temperature fluctuations, as it can lead to unnecessary strain on the system. Consider using a programmable or smart thermostat to automate temperature adjustments and save energy when you’re not at home.

5. Ensure Proper Insulation

A well-insulated home retains cool air better, reducing the workload on your air conditioner. Check for any areas that may need additional insulation, such as the attic, walls, and windows, and make the necessary improvements to help your AC maintain a consistent indoor temperature.

6. Don’t Overwork Your AC

Avoid putting undue stress on your air conditioner by minimizing heat-generating activities during the hottest parts of the day. For instance, use heat-producing appliances like ovens and dryers in the evening when outdoor temperatures are cooler. Additionally, consider using fans to circulate air and supplement your cooling needs, reducing the reliance on your AC.

7. Consider Upgrading to a High-Efficiency Unit

If your air conditioner is nearing the end of its lifespan or is becoming increasingly inefficient, upgrading to a high-efficiency unit can be a wise investment. Newer AC models are designed to be more energy-efficient, which not only helps extend the life of your air conditioner but also leads to significant energy savings over time.

Contact 365 Heating, Cooling & Plumbing for Air Conditioner Repair, Replacement, or Maintenance Services

Extending the life of your air conditioner is not only beneficial for your wallet but also ensures that you stay cool and comfortable all summer long. For expert routine AC maintenance and air conditioning services in Southern Ontario and the surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to contact 365 Heating, Cooling & Plumbing. Our experienced technicians are ready to assist with all your AC repair, maintenance, and replacement needs, helping you get the most out of your cooling system and ensuring a refreshing indoor environment for years to come. Reach out to us today for reliable and top-quality air conditioning solutions.

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